Rooster teeth animated adventures bets and flirts

Drunk in the City. Michael goes on a stealth mission in the middle of a Let's Play to free Ryan 's "pet" cow Edgar from imprisonment. Then, Kara messes up Gus' Find out! Rooster teeth animated adventures bets and flirts [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Watch as Matt has trouble going through security, while Gus and Geoff question the Gus is taking a one-way trip to Mars just to spite Gavin, and what his life would be like on the Red Planet. RTAA 85 is the start of a futile saga wherein Gus tries to get Gavin to wear his headphones the right way, then Burnie gets a rude text, and Gus RTAA 87 is about how a mysterious "crunking" noise coming from the wall baits Gus into an encounter with a rat living inside his house.

Also, Gus RTAA 88 reveals the origins of Gavin's giant nose and the problems having a schnoz like his can cause when falling. Then, Kara messes up Gus' After realizing he's in a lucid dream, Gav gets a little carried away with his super powers RTAA 92 takes off with two more plane stories, featuring an overly dramatic woman who won't settled for a gluten-full meal, and a plane with This time, Burnie is at a PAX East party and has too much to drink, then proceeds to make false toasts at a RTAA 94 is all about losing shit.

Burnie tells the story of Geoff allegedly losing a check two seconds after he handed to him, and how that trait In RTAA 97, Gus talks about a mean squirrel in his yard who used to bully him whenever he'd walk outside, and Miles ditches a blind homeless man in RTAA 98 is a pun-tacular pun-travaganza!

Featuring some of Barbara's most groan-inducing puns from throughout the years. Sit back, relax, and enjoy In RTAA 99, Gus regales the crew with a tale from when he was dating Esther and she didn't believe online video speed dating to be a real internet celebrity, and Burnie S01E27 Burnie and the Cup A tale of a care free spring break at the beach gone horribly wrong, with life rooster teeth animated adventures bets and flirts mental trauma!


S01E28 Anarchist Cooking with Burnie A reminder of how stupid kids can be as well as the dangers of following instructions given to you on the internet. Due to his increasingly busy workload with Camp Camp and Nomad of Nowherethe series is directed by Jordan Battle and Andrew Lhotsky working with animators in the animation rooster teeth animated adventures bets and flirts.

The first episode can be found hereand the playlist for the entire series can be found here. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. Gus rents a storage unit, but the employees force him to write a review about them on Google Maps. Burnie talks about the ridiculous panel name he and Gus came up with, and Geoff talks about an old girlfriend who had strange characteristics.

This week, Burnie and the gang play "Gavin or Google," the guessing game sweeping the Internet. Burnie gives a short phrase to both Gavin and the Google search engine, and Barbara and Gus must guess who returned which phrase, Gavin or Google?


Joel has another technical issue that Burnie tries to help with. Burnie talks about a kid who confronts a bully with an surprising outcome.

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures - Bets & Flirts

The guys discuss some changes in direction that could have ruined Dead Rising 2, Burnie finds a familiar looking rock, and Gus tells people to get off his lawn.

The guys wonder what it would be like if Godzilla were as grossed out by humans as humans are by bugs. Geoff tells the gang about two strange dreams he had, one involving drunk gaming, and the other leading to an accident in his pants. A special recreation of the classic tale of Gus refusing to go to Vegas, now with a glorious third dimension! Look at those arms wiggle! A broken lock on the bathroom door leads to an awkward encounter for Gus.

Joel talks about a friend who specialized in portraying dead bodies. In one of his strangest hypothetical scenarios ever, Gavin wonders what it would be like if you were constantly chased by a snail with a deadly touch. Gus wants to be a secret pilot, Burnie talks about Rice University's football team, and sends a heartwarming text to Gavin. Chris talks about his bathroom habits, and Blaine tries to look cool during an apocalypse.

Join the cast and crew of Rooster Teeth as they watch and discuss some of their favorite Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures. This time, Gavin and Michael join in on watching and discussing some of the omnibus episodes. Geoff tells the tale of how he and his friends put some rooster teeth animated adventures bets and flirts moves on a couple of fellow high school girls. Burnie wonders about what it's like for bugs to get lost, and Geoff steals a ball from Caleb. This week in RTAA, we have a compilation of some of Gavin's weird phrasing when trying to pose academic questions and statements.

Gavin leaves his cup of coffee in the Achievement Hunter office, and Geoff adds rooster teeth animated adventures bets and flirts flavor to it without him knowing. The Achievement Hunter gang discusses whether a fungus can get an achievement, and debate just who is Pubert Addams.

Chris tells a tale of the time he accidentally peed in an oven, and Gavin surprises a fan wearing a Rooster Teeth shirt out in the wild. The guys talk about how hard it is to get a hold of helium, and Barbara is unimpressed by a local restaurant. Matt talks about the first time they were at Comic Con, and how they upstaged the cast of Superman 2.

Chris makes his case for how self-driving cars will solve everything wrong with traffic and commuting. Yes, Barbara has now made enough puns to make three Animated Adventures about it. She's probably the only one happy about it. Miles gets sick in London, which leads to an unfortunate incident involving his pants. You'll never guess what. Gus has a dream where he follows his dog Benjamin into a bar, where he performs an act forbidden in the Sorola household.

Jack and Joel pitch a blockbuster movie about Godzilla solving a murder at an all girls school, but they can't seem rooster teeth animated adventures bets and flirts agree on the tone for the film. Hope you like puns, because it's time for another installment of Barbara Pun-kelman!

This time, Burnie gets in on the action, and Barbara tell a pun so bad Gus and Burnie hope find love quotes the easy way out.

More drunk stories! This time, Matt gets thrown out of a blackjack table for spilling all the drinks, and Joel also laments being "that guy" when he does it, too. Burnie wonders what constitutes a crash for an aircraft, and Gus tells a story about a naughty club he was in with Geoff.

Geoff gets drunk at a party without realizing, and freaks out that he might have embarrassed himself. Burnie gets confused when someone with a similar name to his gets called up at the airport lounge.

Bets & Flirts

Geoff and Michael have a cool celebrity run-in with Gary Busey! Until they realize he's a crazy person. Burnie gets a call and is uncertain whether he is talking to an annoying robot or an annoying telemarketer. While in France, Burnie desperately searches for food before Ashley becomes hangry.

But it's impossible to find food during certain times of the day. In the th episode special, join us on a magical adventure from a forgotten anime.

Gavin Free Quote

That's My Uncle follows the adventures of Rooster teeth animated adventures bets and flirts and his fellow Battle Fighter classmates as they try to collect all the Challenge Crystals before the forces of evil. I think?

Burnie discovers the existence of a very inconvenient switch which shuts down the machinima station at the office. Geoff forgets how to express his gratitude. Burnie talks about how Geoff once painted his hallway black. Gavin and Burnie talk about the annoying things their cats do. Gus talks about a cat who returned home after years in the wild.

Burnie tries to impress Gavin and Dan with his fancy ApplePay phone, but it's less amazing than he thinks. Who will emerge victorious? I don't know, but I'm sure the comments section will be a mess. Young Chris tries to buy his middle school girlfriend an anniversary present. Blaine shows up early for a party. By meet single 8 days.

Geoff has another unsuccessful sex dream, this time with Jenny Slate. Maybe it's a thing with Jenny's? After encountering a dog whose job is to sniff for food, Burnie wonders how cushy a job that dog must have compared to other dog jobs. I just like saying dog job over and over. Dog job. Josh comes across a very She should hang out with Darque Chocolate.

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Feb 29, The Five Signs of Death. Mar 07, An Internet Conversation. Mar 14, Joel vs Technology. Mar 21, Health Kick to the Balls. Mar 28, Apr 04, Google Mind Tricks. Apr 11,

Rooster teeth animated adventures bets and flirts [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)