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But first, you must identify your purpose. Frames to Avoid: Angular and boxy eyeglass frames will sharpen and draw attention to your angular features, making a square face appear bulky. Two mature women playing cards. Older women wearing glasses [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Check out the Warby Parker Website. Kate Spade Finley glasses are similar to Khromchenko's older women wearing glasses here. Buy from Amazon. If you wear glasses every day, consider your glasses your best fashion accessory. You wouldn't wear the same scarf every day, so why wear the same glasses every day. Take this pair on Annette Bening. These are the sort of glasses you want if you don't want to bring attention to the fact that you're wearing glasses. These frameless glasses blend into the face beautifully.

A thin frame works well, too.

Style at Any Age: Eyewear Tips for Women Over 60

Check out my gallery of eyeglass frames that aren't black for more inspiration. I love Givenchy's light frames. Here, Annette Bening is in "nerd older women wearing glasses those thick black frames that have become increasingly popular the past few years. You can see how her look is instantly transformed from the previous picture, just because of a change in frames. I love these black frames from Ray Ban. When choosing glasses you should consider three things:. Young female with fresh clear skin, white background.

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If you are going to give up your long locks for bob, make sure it is the right one. Forget about getting the perfect girl-next-door hairstyle and say hello to older women wearing glasses tomboy bob! The contrasting short layers at the back and chin-length hair in the front add a playful touch to this hair look. There are two things that you can do to add oodles of dimension. First, get it cut in a layered find my friends. Second, color it in multiple shades of one color like this fiery red.

Trust me, all eyes will be on you when you sport this look. Like any accessory, wearing glasses should be fun! You can wear them with anything and they never go out of style. Plus, they look good on everyone. A bolder acetate frame, as opposed to a thin metal frame, will stand out more on your face and highlight your features.

Clear Frames: Think of clear glasses as a chic alternative to the more traditional rimless frames. They offer a similar minimalistic look, but the translucence is more modern. They go with almost any outfit and can draw attention away from the fact that you are wearing glasses. Material If you wear glasses for a longer time, you know that they should be extremely lightweight and should offer maximum comfort. Rimless frames with fiber glasses are extremely lightweight and durable.

Metal frames look great with their elegance and unbeatable style, but they are heavier than most frames. Face Shape Another important factor when choosing eyeglass frames is the shape of your face. What does this exactly mean? Well, there are several different face shapes and knowing them will point you in the right direction for face-flattering eyewear that fits you perfectly.

Round face is defined older women wearing glasses a circular shape where the width and length are almost equal.


Oval faces have balanced features and a chin slightly narrower than the forehead, heart-shaped face is defined by a broader forehead and a narrower jawline and chin. And finally, square face shape has strong, well defined angles in the forehead, jawline and cheeks.

They have a unique way of bringing light to your face and complimenting your facial features. There are no restrictions with lens size and shape when buying rimless glasses. Rimless glasses offer an endless choice of older women wearing glasses shapes, from perfectly round to rectangle shapes. Here we recommend you to the Rimless Eyeglasses which are lightweight, made with a round lens, and compression mounted on to stainless steel frame. You can choose from gold, gunmetal, or matte black for your perfect look.

MakeUp Tutorial for Older Women: How to Apply Eye Makeup When You Wear Glasses

Face Shape For Rimless Eyeglass Frames Square and rectangular rimless frames go best with oval and round faces because they flatten the features and balance the face. They are perfect because they look like you have no eyeglasses on your face.


Also, they are light and fashionable. Horn-Rimmed eyeglass frames are painted in beautiful nuances of honey, yellow, and wood brown, among others, and offer a style that will complement your facial features. As far as eyeglasses frames for women go, there is nothing more attractive than a pair of Horn-Rimmed glasses.

Burberry eyeglasses are perfect for women who are looking for classic design with a touch of modern accents. Made from acetate, these glasses are very light and exceptionally sturdy. Design elements such as ergonomically sculpted nose pads provide unmatched comfort.

Try using shapes that are opposite older women wearing glasses that of your own face and you will shine.

Older women wearing glasses [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)